Has the Bible made YOU do good things? - Your chance to comment.

Here's your chance to encourage others.
Have you read Bible verse or heard a sermon that has caused you to do good to others?

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Anonymous said...

I remember that at work someone wrote a nasty memo about me and circulated it. It was unfair and wrong and I was angry. Next day I resolved to get angry with this guy.
Later that night I read Romans 12:19 which says that we should not take revenge. So, I left it in God's hands and tried to be nice. Eventually me and this guy were OK with each other. Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

The Holy Spirit makes us do good things but I can definitely say I've changed in ways I didn't think possible. =)

I really like this blog, it is a good way to show people that we aren't trying to accomplish selfish things or destroy freedoms.

Anonymous said...

Preaching by Tony Campolo (especially on verses like Matthew 25:34-40) encouraged me to give up my cozy computer job and go to one of Africa's most poorest countries to serve. God loves the poor and Christians should show that in a very practical way.

Anonymous said...

When I was young I used to pirate a lot of computer games. Then when I became a Christian I felt that was wrong so I stopped doing that and now buy all my software.

Anonymous said...

I was buying vegetables from this guy in the market. He looked like he was quite poor. Everytime I bought vegetables I checked them to see if they were good quality. One time I was rushed and just old him to fill the bag.
When I got home, the potatoes at the bottom of the bag were rotten. I felt cheated. I resolved to tell this guy why I wasn't going to buy from him every again. That night God softened my heart when I was praying. I had mercy on this poor guy and still continued to buy from him because he was poor.

Shona McCarthy said...

I regularly donate to charity, have learned to be better at forgiving and cooperating and trusting.

I've also linked this blog to my own in a post regarding whether or not Christianity is evil!

Anonymous said...

In all things, I HAVE to give God the glory and the honor. This is a very humanistic way of looking at things. Christians have done nothing good. We are not capable of doing anything good. There is no one good...no, not one. Only God is good and it is God in us, who directs us and gives us the desire to do the good things that He would have us do. So, remember when sharing the things that have been done across the world, that it is GOD who is doing this IN and THROUGH us, as Christians, because the ultimate goal is to give HIM the glory and to become less, ourselves. It is time to stop trying to defend "Christianity" and simply glorify and honor our Lord and Savior. He will do the rest.

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