Impact on individual lives

Some people have claimed that nothing has the power to turn an evil person to good quite like the Gospel of Christ.    Is this true?
The following are testimonies of how Christianity has a dramatic effect at the personal level.  These are extreme examples of lives filled with violence and hatred, transformed to good.

Violence, drug dealing, armed robbery, prison.  This was the life of Darrell Tunningley.  Watch this fascinating video of how God changed his life and he renounced evil while he was still in prison.  Listen to how the revival spread to other prisoners. (video)

 Tommy Scott - LA gang member hit man into extreme violence and drugs has his life completely changed (video).  Watch here:

 Phil Robertson once lived a life very different from the one he has now.  Watch him tell of how Jesus helped him out of a life of violence and alcohol.

 Nicky Cruz - leader of the notorious Mau Mau gang in Brooklyn, caught in a cycle of drugs and brutal violence,  read how he turned from his life of crime with the power of Jesus Christ:

 Davey Falcus - Turning an individual from gangland crime to good (video):

 Bible's teaching on loving your enemy stops tribal violence (video)

 Michael Franzese - mob to God (video):

 Meet Christian Claudio - Former Drug Lord & Latin King Gang Member.  Now turned from that life and following God (video):

 John Lawson - Enforcer, kidnapper, extortionist, bouncer, debt collector for the underworld, from the toughest housing estate in Europe (video):

 Rob Joy - Gang leader, drugs dealer, in prison for violent crime.  Tells his story (video):

 Gems - amazing grace.  UK Gang member,  Robberies & kidnapping.  Finds God and completely changes.

 Street fighter, Mario, turns from life of crime and violence to God:

 Helped from homelessness and alcoholism by the Christian faith
Steph Macleod, banned from homeless hostels for being an aggressive drunk talks about how the Christian faith has changed his life.  (video testimony)

 Beverley - from prostitution and crime,  has her heart healed by God.

 Patsy - able to offer her son's killer grace, because God offered it to her.

 From guns and drug dealing to God
Willie Smith writes about how Jesus turned his life around rescued him from a life of drug dealing and gun battles.  (written testimony).

 Paul, caught up in the violence of Northern Ireland talks about the change Christ has brought to him.

 Drunk husband transformed by Word of God.  Wife given strength to cope. (video)

 From prostitution to freedom in Christ.  Roseline's story. (video)

 Hiroyuki Suzuki - From Mafia to Christ:

 Nick Vujicic - perhaps one of the most inspiring videos you'll ever see. (7 mins)  (German subtitles)

Want to see more video testimonies of Jesus changing people:

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